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Olivia Mucha is a 12-year-old singer-songwriter from coastal Ventura, California. She writes songs inspired by the kaleidoscopic sights, sounds, and feelings of young adolescence. Long dubbed 'an old soul' by any adult who knows her, her songwriting reflects a keen attention to detail, the human condition, simple pleasures, and the struggles that we all must confront. She offers younger listeners a mature yet relatable filter, and adult listeners a refreshing and catchy purity; all bound in breezy melodies.

Olivia plays guitar, piano, ukelele, and violin (in process!). But that does not define her. Just like a refugee. (Listen to'Homeland' and you'll understand).

When not writing music you can find Olivia crushing school, backpacking with her mom, surfing with her dad, or hanging with her friends.

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